The organizing committee of the 18th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies is based on the association between the French Center for Ethiopian Studies (CFEE) and the Institute of Ethiopian Studies (IES). The main responsibilities of the committee are to have a mobilizing role, identify national and international fund-raising possibilities, make the selection of panels, work in close association with panel organizers on the the selection of papers, and give input for potential keynote speakers and plenary sessions.

The members of the Committee are as follows:

Dr. Eloi Ficquet, Director of the CFEE, chairman
Dr. Ahmed Hassen, Director of the IES, co-chairman
Prof. Andreas Eshete, former President of Addis Ababa University, honorary chairman

Prof. Baye Yimam, AAU
Dr. Marie-Laure Derat, CFEE
Prof. Shiferaw Bekele, AAU
Dr. Thomas Osmond, CFEE
Prof. Wagayehu Bekele, President of Dire Dawa University
Dr. Wolbert Smidt, Mekelle University, CFEE
Mrs Yoko Furusaki, Mekelle University
Dr. Zelalem Tefera, IES

Administrative/logistical preparations of ICES18 4 is carried out by various staff members of the CFEE, IES, Dire Dawa and Haramaya University, Ethio-French Alliance of Dire Dawa:
Dr CĂ©line Lesourd, CFEE
Mrs Marie Coutant, CFEE
Mrs Tsegereda Tadele, IES
Mr Jean-Gabriel Leturcq, CFEE

Organizing Partners