PANEL 2.03

Relations between Ottoman world and Ethiopia from the 16th to the 19th century

Amélie CHEKROUN, , Université Paris 1. France;

During the second part of the sixteenth century, the Ottoman Empire founded the Eyalet Habeš ("Province of Abyssinia") on the shore of the Red Sea, around the Ethiopian town of Massawa. This Ottoman presence, which continued until the middle of the nineteenth century, is part of the policy of the Ottoman Empire for the control of the Red Sea but was not really a success. At the end of the nineteenth century, the wish of diplomatical relations replaced the spirit of conquest. The objective of this panel is to analyse how relationships between Ottoman world and Ethiopia from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, had an impact in the policy, economy or cultural in Ethiopia but also in Ottoman Empire and in the Red Sea. This analyse will be done through the studying of the Eyalet Habe?, but not only; also through relations before this creation, through presence of Ethiopian Diaspora in Ottoman Empire, through others contacts between this two Empires? The available sources (Ottoman archives; Portuguese, Ethiopian, Arabic and Ottoman manuscripts) will be use to propose news reflections about this relationship very important for the history of Horn of Africa and the Red Sea.

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MELIS Nicola

Some remarks on the Turkish historiography on the making of Ottoman Africa



Rethinking 'Abdull?hi's Reign –Harär at the Dawn the of 'Glocal' Era during the latter part of the 19th Century



The role of the Ottomans during the Ethiopian jihâd led by Imâm Ahmad (1527-1543)


DUCENE Jean-Charles

The Mission of Sad?k ül-Müeyyed al-‘Azm to Menelik II : a Ottoman vision of Ethiopia


KROPP Manfred

A Two tales of a journey and a triangle of relations Ethiopia – Jemen – Ottoman Empire:

al-?aym?'s S?rat al-?abaša versus the biography of al-?aym? in Ibn Ab? Ri??l's Ma?la? al-Bud?r


LUFFIN Xavier The Ethiopian Diaspora according to the Turkish Sources (16th-beginning of 20th century)


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