Map of Dire Dawa Hotels

Download the map of Dire Dawa Hotels (full size) Dire Dawa HotelsInformation on transportation from hotels in downtown Dire Dawa to the venue: As the venue of the Conference is on the campus of Dire Dawa University, on outskirts of the city, shuttles will drive participants from and to their hotels. There will be also an agreement with local transports companies (taxis and bajaj) for participants in case they miss the shuttles.

Partnership with Ethiopian Quadrants for reservation of accomodation and transport

Ethiopian Quadrants PLC is an Addis Ababa based tour and travel company, and will be assisting the organizers of the 18th ICES in booking accommodation and arranging transport for participants, particularly international participants.

Many of you who have visited Ethiopia on several occasions in the past will need less assistance than others.

In the online questionnaire (on Registration page - 2d step) you can indicate what assistance you require.

You can also download the questionnaire (word document) , or write directly to the company:,

So that we can meet your requests, please let us know as soon as possible – October and November is a busy time for tourist arrivals, and hotel availability cannot not always be guaranteed.

We are offering the following services:

• Hotel bookings – pre and post conference in Addis Ababa, and in Dire Dawa

• Transport - meet and greet and transfer in to hotel on arrival in Ethiopia. Transfer out for flight to Dire Dawa. Flight and road travel to Dire Dawa. Transfer in post conference in Addis Ababa. Transfer out for final departure.

• Tours in Ethiopia – pre and post conference tours to any part of Ethiopia


For general information about tours in Ethiopia, please see our website . If you have little time for longer trips, see Ethiopian Quadrants Short Tours. For specific information, to get an idea of costs and for any other information, don’t hesitate to get in touch:,


Transfers in and out of Addis Ababa, pre and post conference

Transfer in, US$15 per person. Between the hours of 0000 and 0600, there will be a supplement of US$10 per person.

Transfer out, US$10 per person.

Transfers in and out, post conference, US$10 per person.


Air round trip: US$120

Air one way: US$65

Selam bus (one way) US$27

Sky bus (one way) US$16

Private bus: Coaster bus 22 seater (we will assign one, minimum 10 passengers, maximum 16), US$25-US$40 per person

Private 4x4: US$360 (including vehicle’s return to Addis Ababa the following day), maximum 4 passengers


Delight International Hotel (40 rooms: 14 singles/doubles, 19 twins, 10 suites)

1) Single: US$32

2) Double/Twin: US$37

3) Normal Suite: US$80

4) Ambassador suite: US$125

5) Presidential suite: US$212

Orbit Hotel (42 rooms: 16 singles, 14 doubles, 8 twins and 4 suites)

1) Single: US$22

2) Double: US$26

3) Twin bed rooms (large space): US$32

4) Suite: US$44

Triangle Hotel (48 Rooms: 45 singles/doubles and 3 twins)

1) Single: US$27

2) Double: US$30

3) Twin bed rooms (large space): US$30

Selam Hotel (44 rooms: 23 singles/doubles/12 twins and 9 suites)

1) Single: US$20

2) Double: US$23

3) Twin bed rooms (single occupancy): US$18

4) Twin bed rooms (shared occupancy): US$20

5) Normal Suite: US$26

6) VIP Suite: US$29

Samrat Hotel (58 Rooms: 33 single/double, 6 twin, 19 suites)

1) Single( king size): US$36/$32 without AC

2) Double: US$46/$42 without AC

3) Twin bed rooms (single occupancy): US$36/$32 without AC

4) Twin bed rooms (shared occupancy): US$46/$42 without AC

5) Normal Suite (single occupancy): US$42

6) Normal Suite (double occupancy): US$52

7) Luxury suite (single occupancy): US$65

8) Luxury suite (shared occupancy): US$75

Blossom Hotel (28 rooms: 4 singles, 3 doubles, 9 twins, 12 suite rooms)

1) Single: US$ 15.00

2) Double: US$26.00

3) Twin bed rooms (single occupancy): US$23.00

4) Twin bed rooms (shared occupancy): US$26.00

5) Normal Suite: US$32.00

Ras Hotel: Ras Hotel: Room rates for the existing rooms vary according to quality from US$20-US$40. Rates for the new wing will be provided as soon as the hotel

ACCOMODATION IN ADDIS ABABA, pre and post conference

Sheraton: Single, US$390. Double/Twin, US$420

Hilton: Single, US$244. Double/Twin, US$310

Radisson: Single, US$240. Double/Twin, US$300

Intercontinental: Single, US$198. Double/Twin, US$245

Jupiter: Single, US$115. Double/Twin, US$135

Kaleb: Single, US$75. Double/Twin, US$102

Ghion: Single, US$80. Double/Twin, US$95

Ras Amba: Single, US$55. Double/Twin, US$81

Debre Damo: Single, US$18. Double/Twin, US$22

sets rates and rooms become ready.